• JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB
  • JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB
  • JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB
  • JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB

JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB

JCR4-125 are electrical safety devices designed to immediately switch off the supply of electricity when electricity leaking to earth is detected at harmful levels. They offer high levels of personal protection from electric shock.


JCR4-125 4 pole RCDs may be used to provide earth fault protection on 3 phase, 3 wire systems, as the current balance mechanism does not require a neutral to be connected in order to operate effectively.
JCR4-125 RCDs must never be used as the sole method of direct contact protection, but are invaluable in providing supplementary protection in high risk environments where damage may occur.
However JIUCE JCRD4-125 4 pole RCDs do, ideally, require a neutral conductor to be provided on the supply side of the RCD in order to ensure that the test circuit operates satisfactorily. Where connection of a neutral supply is not possible, then an alternative method of ensuring that the test button is operational is to fit a suitably rated resistor between the load side neutral pole and a phase pole not associated with the normal test button operation.
JCRD4-125 4 pole RCD is available in ac type and A type. AC type RCDs are only sensitive to sinusoidal type fault currents. A type RCDs, on the other hand, are sensitive to both sinusoidal currents and “unidirectional pulsed” currents, which may be present, for example, in systems with electronic devices for rectifying the current. These devices are capable of generating pulsed shape fault currents with continuous components that an AC type RCD is unable to recognize
JCR4-125 RCD provides protection against earth faults occurring in equipment and reduces the effects of electric shock on human beings and thus saves lives.
JCR4-125 RCD measures the current flowing in the live and neutral cables and if there is an imbalance, that is current flowing to earth above the RCD sensitivity, the RCD will trip and cut off the supply.
JCR4-125 RCDs incorporate a filtering device to provide protection against transient surges in the supply to the unit, thus reducing the occurrence of unwanted tripping

JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB   (3)
JCRD4-125 4 Pole RCD residual current circuit breaker Type AC or Type A RCCB   (4)

Product Description:


Main Features
● Electromagnetic type
● Earth leakage protection
● Extensive range to suit all specifications
● Protect against unwanted tripping
● Positive contact status indication
● Offer a high degree of protection against electrocution in accidental shock hazard situations
● Breaking capacity up to 6kA
● Rated current up to 100A (available in 25A, 32A, 40A, 63A, 80A,100A)
● Tripping sensitivity: 30mA,100mA, 300mA
● Type A or Type AC are available
● Indication of earth fault, via central dolly position
● 35mm DIN rail mounting
● Installation flexibility with the choice of line connection either from top or bottom
● Complies with IEC 61008-1, EN61008-1
● Suitable for most residential, commercial and light industrial applications

RCD's & Their Loads

RCD Types of Load
Type AC Resistive, capacitive, inductive loadsImmersion heater, oven / hob with resistive heating elements, electric shower, tungsten / halogen lighting
Type A Single phase with electronic componentsSingle phase inverters, class 1 IT & multimedia equipment, power supplies for class 2 equipment, appliances such as washing machines, lighting controls, induction hobs & EV charging
Type F Frequency controlled equipmentAppliances containing synchronous motors, some class 1 power tools, some air conditioning controllers using variable frequency speed drives
Type B Three phase electronic equipmentInverters for speed control, ups, EV charging where DC fault current is >6mA, PV
JCRD4-125 A

How the RCD Prevents Injury - Milliamps and Milliseconds
An electrical current of just a few milliamps (mA) experienced for just one second is enough to kill most fit, healthy people. RCDs therefore have two key aspects to their operation - the amount of current they allow for Earth Leakage before operating - the mA rating - and the speed with which they operate - the ms rating.
> Current: In the UK standard domestic RCDs operate at 30mA. In other words they will allow a current imbalance below this level in order to account for real world situations and avoid 'nuisance tripping', but will cut power as soon as they detect a current leakage of 30mA or above.
> Speed: UK regulation BS EN 61008 stipulates that RCDs must trip within certain time frames depending on the amount of current imbalance.
1 x In = 300ms
2 x In = 150ms
5 x In = 40ms
'In' is the symbol given to tripping current - so, for example, 2 x In of 30mA = 60mA.
RCDs used in commercial and industrial environments have higher mA ratings of 100mA, 300mA and 500mA

 Technical Data

Standard IEC61008-1 ,  EN61008-1
Rated current In (A)  25, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125
Type Electromagnetic
Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed) AC, A, AC-G, A-G, AC-S and A-S are available
Poles 4 Pole
Rated voltage Ue(V) 400/415
Rated sensitivity I△n 30mA,100mA,300mA are available
Insulation voltage Ui (V) 500
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated breaking capacity 6kA
Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50) Uimp (V) 6000
Dielectric test voltage at ind. Freq. for 1 min 2.5kV
Pollution degree 2
Electrical life 2, 000
Mechanical life 2, 000
Contact position indicator Yes
Protection degree IP20
Reference temperature for setting of thermal element(℃) 30
Ambient temperature (with daily average ≤35℃) -5...+40
Storage temperation (℃) -25...+70
Installation Terminal connection type Cable/U-type busbar/Pin-type busbar
Terminal size top/bottom for cable 25mm2  , 18-3/18-2 AWG
Terminal size top/bottom for Busbar 10/16mm2  ,18-8 /18-5AWG
Tightening torque 2.5 N*m  /  22 In-Ibs.
Mounting On DIN rail EN 60715 (35mm) by means of fast clip device
Connection From top or bottom

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