Strict Quality Management

1.Strictly instruct operators to spot weld parts according to operation instructions. After every batch components processing, they must be sent to inspectors for inspection before the next working procedure. Inspection leader is responsible for final inspection and recording the results

2.In order to ensure the quality, all of RCDs and RCBO have to be testing their tripping current and break time according to ICE61009-1 and ICE61008-1.

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3.We strictly test operating characteristics of circuit breaker. All breakers have to pass the short-time delay characteristic tese and long-time delay characteristics test.
The short-time delay characteristic provides protection against short-circuit or fault conditions.
The long-time delay characteristic provides overload protection.
Long time delay (tr) sets length of time that the circuit breaker will carry a sustained overload before tripping. The delay bands are labeled in seconds of over current at six times the ampere rating. Long-time delay is an inverse time characteristic in that the tripping time decreases as the current increases.

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4.High Voltage Test on Circuit Breaker and Isolators is intended to evaluate the constructional and operational characteristics, and the electrical characteristics of the circuit Which the switch or the breaker has to interrupt or make.

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5.Aging test also named power test and life test, to ensure that products can work normal in high power condition at stipulate time. All our electronic type RCBOs  have to pass the aging test to ensure reliability of using.

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