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What Is Residual Current Device(RCD,RCCB)

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RCD’s exist in various different forms and react differently depending on the presence of DC components or different frequencies.
The following RCD’s are available with the respective symbols and the designer or installer is required to select the appropriate device for the specific application.
When should Type AC RCD be used?
General purpose use, RCD can detect & respond to AC sinusoidal wave only.
When should type A RCD be used?
Equipment incorporating electronic components RCD can detect & respond as for type AC, PLUS pulsating DC components.
When should type B RCD be used?
Electric vehicle chargers, PV supplies.
RCD can detect & respond for type F, PLUS smooth DC residual current.
RCD’s & Their Load

RCD Types of Load
Type AC Resistive,capacitive,inductive loads Immersion heater,oven /hob with resistive heating elements,electric shower,tungsten/halogen lighting
Type A Single phase with electronic components Single phase inverters,class 1 IT & multimedia equipment,power supplies for class 2 equipment,appliances such as washing machines, lighting controls,induction hobs & EV charging
Type B Three phase electronic equipment Inverters for speed control,ups,EV charging where DC fault current is>6mA,PV

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