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The Ultimate Guide to Mini RCBO: JCB2LE-40M

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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Mini RCBO: JCB2LE-40M

In the field of electrical safety, the mini RCBO (residual current circuit breaker with overload protection) has become an indispensable component in ensuring that circuits and individuals are protected from electrical hazards. Among the numerous options on the market, the JCB2LE-40M Mini RCBO stands out for its reliability and unique design, ensuring safety in a variety of applications including industrial, commercial, high-rise and residential environments.

JCB2LE-40M small RCBO has electronic residual current protection, overload and short circuit protection functions, with a breaking capacity of 6kA. Its rated current range is from 6A to 40A, which can be flexibly adapted to different requirements. In addition, it provides B curve or C trip curve to meet different circuit characteristics. The mini RCBO is designed with 30mA and 100mA trip sensitivity options, ensuring fast response to potential faults. In addition, it is available in Type A or AC options to accommodate specific circuit configurations.

One of the outstanding features of the JCB2LE-40M Mini RCBO is its bipolar switch, which completely isolates fault circuits, increasing safety and facilitating efficient troubleshooting. In addition, the addition of a neutral pole switch significantly reduces installation and commissioning test times, making it a practical choice for electricians and installers. Mini RCBO complies with international standards, including IEC 61009-1 and EN61009-1, ensuring its reliability and compliance with safety regulations.

The JCB2LE-40M Mini RCBO’s compact size makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. Its tiny form factor does not compromise performance, making it suitable for space-constrained consumer equipment or distribution boards. This feature makes it a versatile solution for a variety of installations, especially in residential environments where compactness and safety are crucial.

The JCB2LE-40M Mini RCBO is a testament to the advancement of electrical safety technology, offering a full suite of features that prioritize safety, performance and adaptability. Its unique design combined with its compact form factor makes it an excellent choice for a variety of applications, from industrial and commercial environments to high-rise buildings and residential facilities. JCB2LE-40M mini RCBO has electronic residual current protection, overload and short-circuit protection functions, complies with international standards, and is a reliable and efficient solution to ensure electrical safety in various environments.


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