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The JCB2LE-40M RCBO is the ultimate solution when it comes to securing circuits and preventing hazards such as residual current (leakage), overload and short circuits. This breakthrough device provides combined residual current protection and overload/short circuit protection in a single product, eliminating the need for multiple components and simplifying installation.




The JCB2LE-40M RCBO is designed to replace traditional RCCB/MCB combinations, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution. The unit’s integrated design not only improves safety, but also simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime. By combining these two important features into one, seamless operation is ensured while maintaining top-notch protection standards.

A distinctive feature of the JCB2LE-40M RCBO is its resistance to tampering or accidental setting changes. The kinematic characteristics of the product cannot be altered using external mechanical tools, ensuring reliable and consistent functionality of the device. This aspect of RCBO guarantees that once settings are configured, they will remain the same, providing peace of mind for both the user and the installer.

Furthermore, the JCB2LE-40M RCBO exhibits a user-friendly design. The operating mechanism has a convenience feature that allows for easy removal and installation, improving accessibility and reducing installation time. The operating part is securely fastened to the outside of the housing, ensuring that the device remains intact during operation. This design feature ensures that the enclosure does not interfere with the functionality of the device, allowing for seamless performance and hassle-free electrical protection.

The set of accessories included with the JCB2LE-40M RCBO is another standout feature. This carefully curated collection of accessories increases the versatility of the equipment, allowing for a customized approach to circuit protection. These accessories are designed to complement the RCBO, ensuring optimum performance in a variety of settings and applications.




Safety is paramount when it comes to electrical systems, and the JCB2LE-40M RCBO places this aspect at the highest priority. The device complies with the strictest safety standards, ensuring that any electrical installation is protected from residual current, overload and short-circuit risks. With its combined residual current protection and overload/short circuit protection, the JCB2LE-40M RCBO is a robust and reliable choice for any electrical system.

In addition to excellent safety features, the JCB2LE-40M RCBO offers convenience and cost-effectiveness. By integrating two essential functions into one device, separate components are not required and the overall complexity of the electrical installation is reduced. This simplified approach saves significant time and cost, making the JCB2LE-40M RCBO an attractive option for both installers and end users.

In summary, the JCB2LE-40M RCBO is a game changer in the field of circuit protection. With its combined residual current protection and overload/short circuit protection, the device sets new standards in safety and convenience. The JCB2LE-40M RCBO’s tamper-resistant capabilities, user-friendly design, and versatile accessory set make it a reliable, efficient choice for any electrical system. Embrace this innovative solution and experience the peace of mind of superior protection.

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