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Introducing the JCB2-40 Miniature Circuit Breaker: Your Ultimate Safety Solution

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Do you need a reliable, efficient solution to protect your electrical installations from short circuits and overloads? JCB2-40 miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is your best choice. This unique design is tailor-made to ensure your safety in home, commercial and industrial power distribution systems. With a breaking capacity of up to 6kA, this MCB is capable of handling a variety of electrical loads, giving you and your property peace of mind.

The JCB2-40 MCB is designed with a contact indicator to easily identify its status. This feature provides added convenience, ensuring you can quickly assess the condition of your circuit breaker without the need for complex diagnostics. Additionally, the 1P+N configuration in one module provides a compact and space-saving solution for your electrical panel, making it ideal for installations with limited space.

The JCB2-40 MCB is available in current ranges from 1A to 40A and can be customized to your specific electrical requirements. Whether you need to protect small household circuits or large industrial distribution systems, this MCB has the flexibility to accommodate a variety of load capacities. In addition, B, C or D curve characteristics can be selected, allowing precise customization to ensure optimal protection for your circuit.

JCB2-40 MCB complies with IEC 60898-1 standard, ensuring compliance with international safety and performance regulations. This certification guarantees that the MCB has been rigorously tested and meets the highest industry standards. By choosing JCB2-40 MCB, you can trust that your electrical installation is protected by a product that prioritizes safety and reliability.

All in all, the JCB2-40 miniature circuit breaker is the ultimate safety solution for your electrical system. This miniature circuit breaker offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind with its unique design, high breaking capacity, contact indicator, compact configuration and compliance with international standards. Invest in the JCB2-40 MCB to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical installations.

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

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